Maurel & Prom Italia it’s quality teams with rich and varied skills: an interrelated professional team for information, resources, knowledge and skills, working every day in synergy with the working purpose.
During the project phases, all members of the different crews have learned how to help each other in order to realize their true potential, and face each challenge together. the Seismic Survey project involves a multidisciplinary team of agronomists, engineers, geologists and workers of the territory supported by geophysicists of international experience. This research project is necessary to collect very important data for the future of this part of Sicily, although people are valued before investigation data. In fact, there are more than 200 workers almost all Sicilians - only few come from abroad - employed daily, chosen in the municipalities where activities take place.
M&P Italia is proud of the team involved in this project, that, in cooperation with the Administrations, the other local and non-local institutions, also academics, has as its primary objective the shared scientific and public interest, by exalting the professionalisms of the territory.

Team Health, Safety & Environment (HSE)

Team Permit Man

Team geophonists and topographers

Team Geophonist and Line-Checker

Team Geophysical Institute of Israel (GII)

Team University of Catania researchers Geology Department


Maurel & Prom Italia Seismic Survey project has been set in the hydrocarbon exploration context where compliance with specific safety standards is required, in particular the application of the Legislative Decree No. 624/96.
Following the directions of OGP – International Association of Oil and Gas Producers – The Company has acquired an “Operating Management System” (of the Golden Rules), under which EHS-S policy (Environment, Health, Safety and Security) can be constantly controlled, supported and implemented.
Maurel & Prom Italia is provided with a Coordinated Health and Safety Document signed with all the companies with which a business relationship is in progress. The document shall indicate that working places, plants and equipment are projected, used and maintained in efficiency and safety. Moreover, it indicates the health risk assessment, workers’ safety and all the measures adopted for the safe management of all activities.  
Moreover, Maurel & Prom Italia for the Seismic Survey is also equipped with an ambulance in site, with rescuer driver and nurse on board, in an equidistant position from each working group.
In this way, the absolute timeliness of intervention could be guaranteed, in case of necessity. There is to point out that during the whole project, there was no accident requiring its intervention.