Sustainable Development

In accordance with the parties involved and in the context of transparency, Maurel & Prom Italia is oriented to open communication for those interested by the project, in order to assure a dialogue and a constructive debate with the local territory in view of a policy for the sustainable development of activities, with particular attention to the impact on the environment and involving local communities.

Great attention to the environment

Thanks to a careful analysis, the Company minimizes interferences on the territory. This has allowed:

To the noninvolvement of existing SCI sites and to guarantee a minimal distance of 250 meters from them.

To avoid carrying out activities close to streams, rivers or lakes.

To exclude the heritage of archaeological areas from the activities, using a minimal distance of 500 meters. Neither excavations or ground movements, nor the creation of new pathways are planned for these activities, and no plants will be cut .The activities will be coordinated through a preventive archaeological investigation during the work by the Superintendence in cooperation with Catania University (Archaeological Department).


In order to promote human resources within the territory, the Company has decided to employ a professional local team composed by technics, engineers, geologists, agronomists and workers. They will cooperate with international geophysicists, Administrations and Universities, as well as they will use local accommodation facilities, logistics and supply services.


More than 50 operators


30 technicians involved in the territory for the geophysical survey work