Maurel&Prom Italia has started a collaboration with Catania University for the geophysical survey activities. The Company has stipulated conventions with the Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences Department and with the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences – Archaeology, in order to study the geological and archaeological characteristics of the Hyblean territory and to supervise or identify the areas to be excluded from the activities.

Geological Department contributes to the survey campaign supporting the project with the cooperation of academics, specialized technics, students and thesis student who will dedicate an entire year for the study of the area with degree thesis, international publication and with specific study grants.

Advanced instruments will process data of high quality and will permit the update of geological information of the involved territory with a consequent scientific public interest.

The parties involved by the Department will follow the activities phases in loco supervising the vehicle during the geophysical survey and cooperating with Company technics.


Archaeological Department will carry out detailed analysis in order to integrate the known mapping of the areas of archaeological interest in order to modify the path of the Vibroseis, in case of need, and to identify protected areas precluded from the geophysical survey.

Such involvement will allow:

an in-depth analysis of archaeological information and the identification of new models for the protection, planning, conservation and monitoring of the territory;

the integration of survey and geophysics techniques and the enrichment of interpretative categories;

new sceneries for archaeological research and results that can generate new historical issues and archaeological problems;

the update of the archaeological map of the Hyblean territory with areas never involved in previous analysis, as well as the verification of the status of preservation of the archaeological heritage known;

moreover, an attempt on experimental basis in order to apply the analysis of the geophysics survey results to the historical-topographic research

The parties involved by the Department will supervise the vehicle in loco and the results obtained by the archaeological studies will be shared with local community through international magazines and workshops, giving visibility to the territory.

WORKSHOP Febbraio 2019

During the Workshop of 22 February 2019 at the Botanical Garden of Catania, the professors and scholars of the University of Catania illustrated the geophysical and archaeological characteristics of the territory and the possible future applications within the Seismic Survey project in the Iblean area.