The area involved in Maurel & Prom Italia Seismic Survey has never been investigated so accurately and extensively before.
The vastness of the area in which the project has been developed, the type of intervention and the data quality at the end of the activities, make the Seismic Survey a work of great scientific interest, characterised by a unique multidisciplinary.

In fact, the survey method is also used in archaeological researches and geological studies aimed at investigation in geothermic field and, as can be imagined, in the branch of seismology too. For these reasons, particular agreements have been drawn up with some Universities and Institutions.

A cooperation with University of Catania – Biological, Geological and Environmental Sciences Department, Humanities and Archaeology – and the Department of Geology Roma Tre has been established in order to collaborate with the Company for the study of geological and archaeological qualities of the territory.

The Departments of Geology UniCt and Roma Tre contribute to the study with scholars, technicians, students and near-graduates working in the preparation of thesis and international publications. 

The Department of Humanities UniCt and the Research Chair Unit of Ancient Topography aim at an in-depth analysis of the Hyblean archaeological landscape in areas never investigated before; a greater protection of the territory by updating its archaeological map.
In the districts of Serra Muraglie in Monterosso Almo, for example, methods of non-invasive exploration have been applied, like remote sensing, geophysical surveys (seismic and electrical tomography and ground-penetrating radar) and field walking.

Another cooperation has been put in place with the History, Culture and Civilization Department and the Department for the Cultural Heritage of the University of Bologna guiding an archaeological mission in Chiaramonte Gulfi. There, the technique of low frequency vibration has been applied through Maurel & Prom Italia vehicles.

In the Municipality of Licodia Eubea, in cooperation with Archeoclub, Humanities and Archaeology Department of the University of Catania and a researcher from University of Molise, M&P Italia technology and vehicles have been used for a study of Santapau Castle in order to identify the buried structure and plan future excavations.

In Palazzolo Acreide, an agreement has been drawn up between the Municipality, Maurel & Prom Italia and UniCt in order to examine the low enthalpy geothermal potential in some areas of the Municipality regarding the valorisation of this natural resource.


Thanks to the collaboration with Universities, Maurel & Prom Italia engagement has been constant in order to plan and promote continuous opportunities for further study of great specialist and academic value. Moreover, these occasions have helped to determine the type of work and the outcomes achieved.

WORKSHOP February 2019

During the Workshop of 22 February 2019 at the Botanical Garden of Catania, the professors and researcher of the University of Catania illustrated the geophysical and archaeological characteristics of the territory and the possible future applications within the Geophysical Survey project in the Hyblean territory.


The collaboration between productive activities and Universities is of great importance: as in this project, the knowledge derived from activities monetise the academic ability to process a large amount of data, in a few time. This allows to better understand the yet untapped potential of a territory.

Stefano Catalano

Professor University of Catania

I am pleased to have joined this project, as oil system geologist.  The new way of analysing the energetic potential of this area followed a modern direction, which means to imagine the sustainable exploitation of territory resources.

Sveva Corrado

Professor University Roma Tre

The geological formation of this territory is very ancient and it is characterised by the significant presence of hydrocarbons. This is a fact known since ancient times, as evidenced by the mining history of the area. Thanks to Maurel & Prom Italia survey, it shall be possible to accurately acquire new data in order to know how much this area can still offer.

Agata Di Stefano

Professor University of Catania

In the Municipality of Palazzolo Acreide, the collaboration between M&P Italia and UniCt has led to a survey in order to assess the geothermal potential of the area.
This work shall be necessary to make a preliminary estimate of the possible intended use of this heat heritage stored in the subsoil falling within the so-called low enthalpy geothermal sphere.

Marco Viccaro

Professor University of Catania

The Third Mission in Catania University has several aims: spread of knowledge outside academic environments to the benefit of the social, cultural and economic development of the society, transfer of academic knowledge to help to solve diverse society and environment challenges. So University participated with enthusiasm in the Maurel & Prom Geophysical Seismic campaign of the Research Permit Tellaro River.

Rosanna Maniscalco

Professor University of Catania


Within the agreements signed with the University of Catania, some near-graduated have had the opportunity to write degree theses in Geology concerning the application of the scientific method in the survey just concluded and the study of sedimentological and petrophysical characteristics of the geological formations in the Hyblean territory.
Another degree thesis was awarded to a student of the Humanities Department of the University of Catania.

Thesis 2018/2019/2020

  • Valeria Indelicato – Petrographic and microstructural study of bitumen-impregnated carbonates from south-eastern Sicily. Tutors: Proff. R. Punturo, R. Maniscalco.
  • Desireé Giuffrida – Sedimentological and petrophysics features of Noto and Streppenosa Formations from Hyblean area. Tutors: Proff. Rosanna Maniscalco, Rosalda Punturo, Eugenio Fazio.
  • Francesco Stanzù – Geophysical (LVL – Low Velocity Layer) and geological data interpretation from the Research Permit “Tellaro River” (SE Sicily). Tutors: Prof. R. Maniscalco, Dr. Sergio Montalbano.
  • Giuseppe Spina – Lithological and petrophysical characteristics of Noto and Streppenosa Formations – reservoirs rocks of the Hyblean Plateau on the basis of geophysical logs. Tutors: Proff. R. Maniscalco, R. Punturo, Dr. S. Montalbano, Dr. Ing. G. Palmeri (M&P).
  • Andrea Ferraro – Lithological and petrophysical characteristics of Noto and Streppenosa Formations – reservoirs rocks of the Hyblean Plateau on the basis of geophysical logs.” Tutors: Proff. R. Maniscalco, R. Punturo, Dr. Sergio Montalbano, Dr. Ing. G. Palmeri.
  • Antonino Raele – Stratigraphic-sedimentologic and petrographic-microstructural study of Noto and Streppenosa Formation (Hyblean Plateau). Tutors: Proff. R. Maniscalco, R. Punturo, E. Fazio.
  • Alberto Salerno – Geological-structural mapping of Chiaramonte Gulfi area (Hyblean Plateau) and subsurface analysis (seismic and wells). Tutor: Prof. Stefano Catalano, Dr. Ing. G. Palmeri (M&P).
  • Source to oil correlation by means of XRD, XRF, trace elements, pyrolysis on Eureka 1 well samples. Tutors: Prof. Sveva Corrado (RomaTre University), Prof. Rosanna Maniscalco (Unict).
  • Matteo Roccuzzo: Topografia antica del settore centrale dell’altopiano ibleo, contributo alla carta archeologica di Almo – con il Prof. E. Felici.

Research grants Year 2020

  • Dr. Sergio Montalbano – Research grant on the topic “Analysis of subsurface data (seismic and wells) for the elaboration of a geological structural model of the area of Tellaro River (Hyblean Plateau)” under the supervision of Prof. R. Maniscalco and Dr. Ing. G. Palmeri.
  • Dr. Martina Balestra – Research grant on the topic “Thermal maturity analysis of Noto and Streppenosa Formations on samples from well cuttings, cores and outcrops” under the supervision of Prof. R. Maniscalco and Prof. S. Corrado (RomaTre University).
  • Dr. Giuseppe Paternò – Research grant on the topic “Geological and structural mapping of the tectonic lineaments crossing the area of the 2D and 3D seismic survey in the Hyblean Mts. region”, under the supervision of Prof. S. Catalano and Dr. Ing. G. Palmeri (M&P).
  • Dr. Giuseppe Lo Furno –  Research grant on the topic “Geological and structural mapping of the tectonic lineaments crossing the area of the 2D and 3D seismic survey in the Hyblean Mts. Region”, under the supervision of Prof. S. Catalano and Dr. Ing. Giuseppe Palmeri (M&P).
  • “Optical organic matter analysis on sedimentary and volcanic successions for paleo-temperature reconstructions  in the Hyblean Plateau (SE Sicily)”, under the supervision of Prof. Rosanna Maniscalco and Prof. Sveva Corrado (RomaTre University).


Thanks to Maurel & Prom Italia, it has been possible to observe Hyblean landscape with other eyes: an unusual opportunity that has allowed us to make huge progress on the archaeological potential of the investigated area. We have had the opportunity to take a brief look at the buried Sicily waiting only to be discovered and narrated.

Rodolfo Brancato

Archaeologist University of Catania

The combination of multiple disciplines applied to M&P Italia project has provided the expected outcomes in archaeology. Where applied, the presence of buried structures has been ascertained and new excavations shall be required in order to come to light. As in the case study of Santapau Castle in Licodia Eubea, collapsed with the earthquake of 1693 and waiting to reveal its secrets.

Marilena Cozzolino

Researcher of Geophysics - University of Molise

University of Bologna has carried out some archaeological excavation for some years in the province of Ragusa. A profitable collaboration has been drawn up with Maurel & Prom Italia in order to combine modern and traditional techniques creating a new method of study applicable to other researches too.

Isabella Baldini

Professor University of Bologna

The opportunity to combine archaeological research with geological investigation in site, has represented a didactic opportunity for University: involving students, graduates and new graduates in this type of works in site, putting the hands on fragments, with an objective and immediate aim, is an element of real importance for the institutional life of University that has in the territory one of the main reasons to exist.

Edoardo Tortorici

Former full professor University of Catania