The company has started the first phase of the hydrocarbon exploration project


Seismic survey is a non-invasive scientific technique through which it is possible to reconstruct the geological structure of the subsurface that has been used worldwide for more than 70 years. Therefore, the geophysical exploration is a mapping process of the ground beneath our feet.


Authorization to the work program and to the activities for the seismic survey with the involvement of URIG and the regional, provincial and municipal administrations of competence.

Modern techniques

New technologies, totally harmless for the surrounding environment, will be implied in order to achieve detailed and high precise results.

Involved area

The area involved in the geophysical survey covers an area of about 600.00 square kilometers in the south east of Sicily and covers the provinces of:

  • RAGUSA |Ragusa - Chiaramonte Gulfi - Monterosso Almo - Giarratana - Modica - Comiso
  • CATANIA | Caltagirone - Mazzarrone - Licodia Eubea
  • SIRACUSA | Palazzolo Acreide - Rosolini - Buscemi


  • 2D NORD: da Luglio ad Agosto 2019
  • 2D SUD: Settembre 2019
  • 3D: da Ottobre a Dicembre 2019

Field work

Geophysical measurement consists in light vibrations of the subsurface executed with the Vibroseis Vehicle. Particular sensors, called wireless geophones, which show a picture of the geological and physical characteristics of the territory, will capture elastic waves. The geophones will be manually placed by technical personnel every 25 meters for a distance of 3 km per day.

Permitting Phase

The owners involved in the project will be contacted directly by the Permit Man team for consent to access in their properties and to describe in detail the performance of the activities.

Specialized technical personnel will carry out the described operations, while keeping a minimal impact on the environment. When the surveys will be accomplished, the Company will provide for clearing the geophones out of the ground. The operation will also include a compensation for eventual damages, easily prevented because of the nature of the operations. At the end of these activities, in case of damages, technicians will file an audit report, using a compensation chart.

For any clarification or information it is possible to contact the dedicated number by calling or sending an sms / whatsapp. TEL. +39 370 3657820

No installation of fixed equipment

No earth movement

Specialized technical staff

Continuous monitoring of operations



These tools enable the execution of geophysical survey capturing the elastic waves, without using underground cabling.


A plate is situated in the underside of the vehicle, when placed on the ground it produces a light vibration of few seconds in the subsurface. Only 4 vibroseis vehicles will be used.

Mobile Unit

Geophones data receiving station is located inside the vehicle. These data will be analysed by expert geophysics.


A team of specialists will process geophones pictures, called geophysical sections, in order to study the geological formation, the nature of the rocks and their petro-physics characteristics.